We are looking for a theater stripped of artifice, a theater without the influence of cinema and television. We are in search of a theater that will engage the imagination of its audience, an audience as creative as the performers. Our subject is the subject of Man with all of His complexities and dilemmas. And this dialogue can only take place in the light, not in the shadows of stage lighting; acting and speaking to the darkness. Our light is as bright as the sun’s on the stage. We are Elemental Ensemble and we are returning to the basic elements of theater.


Recent News



Laila The New Opera in Ta'zieh Style.

For SAIC Shapiro Center/Art Institute of Chicago/Link's Hall, San Jose Stage Company; Tues, May 21 @7pm Art Institute Ballroom run throughs during the day @11-5 invited audience for concert reading of the score. (Read More)



Reproduction of Journey in New York City 


Journey, written and directed by Mohammad B. Ghaffari from the medieval text, Hayy ibn Yaqzan by ibn Tufayl. Produced at the Kilburn Arena Stage, Rarig Theatre Center, University of Minnesota, February 24-26, 2011 and then at the Children's Theatre of Minneapolis, Cargill Stage from March 3-13, 2011. (Read More)



Journey Was Performed As A Part of Shared Cultural Spaces Conference, Held at The University of Minnesota 

JOURNEY, by Mohammad B. Ghaffari with music by Yukio Tsuji is based on the 12th Century Arabic novel Hayy ibn Yaqzan by Ibn Tufayl. Hayy (Cyrus in this production) is born out of a slurry of mud without parents. He is raised by a deer and grows to manhood discovering natural laws and spirituality. (Read More)